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ArabJet is a full service Management Company with unparalleled experience and expertise. We provide Flights, hotel accommodation, transportation, sightseeing tours, Car Rentals, packages, etc…and follow-through. Our high quality of service, competitive rate, and developed system allow us for transforming the normal reservation process in to a professional way in the travel industry. Arab-jet.com is our state of the art B2B system empowers travel partners with connectivity to book rooms in more than 400,000 Hotels at wholesale Rates. Multiple currency options and a dynamically updated system allow travel partners to book and voucher their reservations with single click. The solidarity of our team is important to the success of our company, combining all the unique talents and backgrounds of each individual member. Our knowledge and expertise range from areas such as hotels, to the event planning, as our team has numerous years of experience in the Destination Management of the travel industry. Our team provides hands-on interaction that assures our clients will be treated with care. At ArabJet, the team has the passion, dedication, and the experience in customer services. At ArabJet, we ensure guest satisfaction by listening to their needs and surpassing their expectations. We view conflict not as a problem, but an opportunity enabling us to put our best foot forward in creating memorable experiences. At ArabJet, we believe that travel opens minds to new ideas and ways of thinking. That is why we strive to make travel more accessible to everyone by making it easy and affordable to find special deals on hotels worldwide.

Product Management and Support

Arabjet is a flexible technology platform and allows the rapid development of both front and back end features & through constant and careful analysis of the market trends we are able to offer our customers originality and exclusivity. Current enhancements include XML connectivity to hotel chains, 3rd party suppliers and global distribution systems, web services for channel managers, Car Rental, Travel Insurance and, last but not least, Dynamic Packaging. A team of professional contractors are based in our offices focusing in contracting products that caters to all budgets and tastes and ranges from two- star to five-star deluxe hotels and apartments for all room types, transfers, sightseeing tours, excursions and packages worldwide. The volume of our global FIT business provides us with vast buying power to contract the most competitive rates with last minute availability. Our contractors are supported by dedicated product teams including data entry team who ensure that new contracts are loaded and available in the system within 48 hours of signing or renewing contracts. The Product team structure also includes team members who offer a Help Desk service to our suppliers using the Extranet. These teams also monitor online contracting and quality control before live status and ensure the quality of content and rate integrity for all products distributed on ARABJET.

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